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MU College Democrats
press release about website


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Millersville University College Democrats Launch Website, Policy

College Democrats proclaim new course of action for lancaster county and promote it with new website

MILLERSVILLE: As part of a new stratagem, the Millersville University College Democrats are determining what course of action is best to spread their message of Democratic Party ideals here in Lancaster County. They want to spread their message in a more efficient and grandiose manner and feel that a crucial first step to accomplishing this is to launch a new website.

The website can be seen at

The foundations of the Millersville University College Democrats lie in fighting for equal rights for all citizens of Lancaster County, regardless of sex, gender, creed, sexual orientation, race, or personal beliefs, along with environmental protection, workers union preservation, homeland security, and increased government subsidies for education.

The Millersville University College Democrats are active in state and national chapters of College Democrats and participate in local, state, and national elections. Coinciding with this new policy, the Millersville Democrats proclaim their alliance with the newly formed Lancaster County Young Democrats to further their message. They encourage all to view their new website and if anyone has any inquiries to contact them


**This press release sent to The Intel, The New Era, and the Lancaster Sunday News**