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MU College Democrats


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Resolution on Millersville University's proposed Code of Civility

Whereas, the Millersville University College Democrats thoroughly read the policy statement on Civility on Campus and found it to be a direct assault on our foundational right of speech; and
Whereas, the definitions of Civility on Campus, put forth by the offices of Social Equity and Diversity and Finance and Aministration are unconstitutionally broad; and
Whereas, the labeling of actions with terms such as hostile, threatening, lewd, vulgar, offensive, and abusive are not properly defined and are seen as ambiguous, which constitutes violations of protected speech put forth in the United States Bill of Rights; and
Whereas, this ambiguity of the afformentioned policy severly limits the body of Millersville University's right to speak and conduct ourselves in our own, respective manners in which we define as civil actions; and
Whereas, the Millersville University College Democrats will not conform to any unconstitutional requirements put forth by the administartive body.
Therefore, be it resolved that the Millersville University College Democrats condemn and such policy statement enacted by the administrative body.
Be it further resolved, that the Millersville University College Democrats encourage open dialogue between the administration and the student body before any such legislation is voted on by the respective administration.
Be it further resolved, that this resolution may be recinded and nullified by a 2/3 majority vote of the Millersville University College Democrats, if in the opinion of the Executive Committee all items in the Policy Statement are not infringing upon our basic right of speech, which will take a 2/3 majority vote to get passed through the Executive Committee.